Our Village short Paragraph for Class III to XII

Our Village

The name of our village is Ghatsa. It is in the district of South Dinajpur. It is a big village. It stands on the Kushmandi. It is a big village. It is four miles long and two miles wide. There are five thousand people in our village. There are many educated people in our village Very few of them work in high offices under the Government. There are teachers, professors and businessmen who live in towns and come to the village during holidays. There are two primary schools and a high school in our village.  The climate of the village is very good. It is neither so cold and nor so hot.  Pure drinking water is provided. There are two small rivers. The rivers and a small forest are its ornaments. There is a market and a post office in this village. As the villagers are hardworking and honest, our village is being improved with many facilities. We live a happy life here. We love our village very much.
Our Village

Points to remember
  • Name of the village 
  • Facilities: - road, malut school, health post office, drinking water 
  • Location ( situated) of the village 
  • The population of the village 
  • Social work
  • The religion of the communities
  • Manner of the villagers. 
  • Occupation of the villagers


Q. Write a paragraph about Your Village. Mention its location. communications, population, educational status, people of different professions, inhabitants, institutions etc. The name of my village is Mohamuni Pahartali. It is quite a big and famous village in


the district of Chittagong. It is about three miles long and two miles wide. There is a metalled road that runs along the western side of the village. Besides this, a few unmetalled roads run through the village. The communication is very good. We usually go to the town by bus or taxi. About 6,000 people live in our village. Most of them are educated. A few of them are either farmers, day-labourers or landowners. Several of them are service-holders and businessmen. The inhabitants of this village, who are Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus live quite peacefully. Many rich people live in the village. They live in large houses. Poor people live in small huts. The houses of the middle-class people are neither very large nor very small. Bamboo, wood, straw, iron and bricks are the usual house-building materials. There are a mosque, a monastery, a temple and a club also. There is a village hat which sits twice a week. There are primary and high schools, a charitable dispensary and a post office. Every kind of article is available here. All kinds of fish and vegetables are produced here.


My Village

Points: name-location-natural beauty- people-conclusion

I live in Sarala. It is a small village in the Raiganj district. The river Kulik flows through it. There are many fields and trees in our village. So it looks green. Here the villagers are mostly farmers. We all live here happily and peacefully. We love our village very much.

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