Letter to Your Father Describing Your Train Journey

a letter to friend describing your experience of train journey, Letter to Your Father Describing Your Train Journey. A railway Journey.

Letter to Your Father Describing Your Train Journey. 

Uttar Dinajpur, 

My dear Father,

I reached here safely last evening. Though the compartment was rather ful, I had a pleasant journcy all through. Among my fellow passengers was a classmate of mine We took our seats on a side bench and enjoyed the sights of scattered greens and of the fields full of crops of all kinds

The train reached Asansol at about when we shared our tiffin and tea between ourselves Leaving Asansol, we noticed the Indian Iron and Steel Works at Burnpur, a short way off. After Sitarampur a distinct change was noticed in the landscape The sound was radha, the fields were undulating and full of shrubs and small trees here and there. At Chittaranjan we saw at a short distance the great Chittaranjan Railway Works

When the train reached Madhupur. I found Mahendra waiting on the platform with his mother They greeted me heartily. Bidding farewell to my class mate. I got down with my luggage and reached Mahendra's house at about 6 p.m. Everybody here is all attention to me, and I feel quite at home. You need not have any worry about me.

With respects to you and mother and love to Disha,

I remain,

Yours affectionately,


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