Advising a sister to form simple habits

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Advising a sister to form simple habits


My dear Ankita

 35 B. K. Paul Avenue, Calcutta-700002.

March 10, 2020

I am glad that you have already won the good opinion of your teachers. You should try to strengthen this impression by your conduct and attainments.

Of one thing particularly you should be very careful. Do not run after style and fashion. Some do this under the idea that prestige and respect depend on them. Nothing can be further from the truth. It is only vain who give themselves airs, and the vain can never win respect. It shows a want of culture and weakness of character. Simple habits, on the other hand, are signs of good breeding and strength of mind. They may sometimes bring upon you the sneer of the vain, but the sensor will think well of you, and it is their opinion that counts. Your dress must certainly be decent, but decency does not mean extravagance or showiness. All this will not only win you love but also enable you to find joy even in simple things of life.

I hope you will remember these words of your sister. With love and blessings,


 I am,

Yours affectionately,


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