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Essay on RICE

Introduction : Rice is a staple food. It is the seed of paddy. It is a food grain . Rice plant is a kind of grass.

Where grown:  Rice grows well in Bangladesh, India, China, Japan, Burma, Egypt and is some parts of America.

Kinds: Rice of many kinds. Generally four kinds of Rice are found in our country. They are Aman, Boro, Irri and Aush. 

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How grown: The cultivation of paddy is not very easy. First the land is ploughed. Then the seeds are sown. Within a few days little plants come out. As is grown by sowing seeds. Aman, Boro and Irri are sown by shifting little plants from one field to another.

When grown:  Aman is sown in Ashar and Shraban. It ripens in Agrahayan and Pous. Irri and Boro are sown Magh and Falgun and ripen in Baishakh and Jaistha, Aush is sown in Chitra and Baishakh and ripens in Shraban and Bhadra.

Usefulness : Rice is our main food. We get Bhat, Polau, Chira, Muri, Khai , Cake etc. from rice.

Conclusion : Rice is very useful to us in many ways. So we should try to increase its production.

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