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 MY DAILY LIFE (আমার দৈনন্দিন জীবন)

Introduction : Everybody should have a daily routine to do his duties timely. None can do his work perfectly without having a daily routine.

My morning work : It is my habit to rise early in the morning. So I get up from bed at dawn. At 6 A.M.  I brush my teeth and wash my hands and feet. I say my morning prayer and then I go out for a walk after tiffin. I go to the reading room I prepare my lessons and do my home work for two hours. At 9 A M. I go to the pond to bathe. I finish bathing before it is 10 A. M. They I have my meals and rest for a while I start for school at 10-45 A.M. and reach there in time.

 MY work at school : 

Our classes begins at 11 A.M. I take my seat in the front bench and listen to my teachers with full attention in my classes. The school breaks up at 4-30 P. M. 

What I do in the afternoon : After school hours I come and take full rest. After tiffin. I go to the field to play our door games. At sunset. I get back home. I wash my hands and face and say my evening prayer.

MY work at night : I go on with my studies. up to 10 A. M. After supper. I take full rest. I take my Esha prayer and go to bed.

Conclusion : I strictly follow my daily routine. It will help me to become healthy, active and wise.



Outlines: Introduction; How I begin the day; At school: What I do in the afternoon: How I spend the night: Conclusion. 


The programme of work I follow every day comprises my daily life. Of course, I do not always strictly follow the routine. Sometimes, exception brings difference and relieves me from monotony.

How I begin the day: My day begins just with "Azan" from the mosque and the chirping of the birds. On getting up from bed. I clean my teeth, wash my face and hands. After ablusion. I say my prayer, then I walk in the garden for a while. After a short time, I return home and sit down to prepare my leassons. At 9 o'clock I take my bath. Then I dressed myself and take my meal. I start for school before the bell is rung.

At school: 

I am a punctual student and listen to what the teachers say. During the tiffin I say my "Zohar prayer, take a light refreshment and take a little tiffin from school canteen. After the school hour I come back home.

What I do in the afternoon:

Coming back home, wash my hands and face, say my "Asar prayer and go to the field. I play their for an hour. I come back home when the sun sels.

How I spend the night: 

After "Magrely I attentively prepare my lesson till 8.00 p.m. 1 then have my supper and watch the television programme. I go to bed after "Esha" prayer.


Time and tide wait for none. Time is very sort and art is very long. Life is nothing but the some total of moments. So I am very particular in the maintenance of the programme of my daily life,l believe this will bring success for me in every sphere of life.

Source : Kamal Rana, Dhaka,Babgladesh,

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