The Postman Essay | Essay on postman for KIDS

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The Postman Essay

Introduction : 

The postman is known to all. He the post office. He gets a small salary (6). But his work is not small.

Dress :

 The postman puts on khaki dress. He has turban on his head. He carries a leather bag. He keeps letters, money orders. parcels and other things in it.

His duty :

 The postman goes from house to house. He delivers letters, money orders and percels to us. He is very regular in his work. He never gives the letter of one to the other.

His popularity : The postman does a very useful work. He brings news from our friends and relatives. His sense of duty is very great. Everybody loves and respects him.

Conclusion : 

The postman is a good friend to us. We should behave well with him. He is an ideal man. But he is ill paid. He should be given a fair pay.


Essay on Postman Within 200 Words

A postman is a person who delivers letters, invitation, parcels, book- posts and money order to us. He wears a khakhi uniform and carries a mailbag across his shoulder. He is a very hard worker and he works in all the weathers summer, winter and rain. He got up early in the morning, at first he goes to the post office. After collecting mails from the post office he delivers those mails to us. He goes door to door and delivers the mail. He brings happy as well as sad news. He can read Hindi, English and the local language. We should be thankful to him for working so hard.

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