Trees short paragraph, Short Paragraph on Trees

Trees short paragraph, Short Paragraph on Trees, Write a paragraph on trees, Short Paragraph for kids on Value of Trees, How can we save trees 10 lines? Why should we not cut trees 10 lines? What is the importance of trees write a paragraph on this? How trees are important in our life?

Trees short paragraph, Short Paragraph on Trees


Trees are our all time neighbor and friend. They give us lots of their gifts to make our life worth living. They gives out oxygen that we inhale. They  use carbon-dioxide for cooking their food. Thus our green friends maintain gaseous balance in the environment. They gives us rich fruits. We get useful things like glue, latex, rubber, etc. from trees. They give shade to travellers tired of walking. They bring rains and make the soil fertile. It is unfortunate that men thoughtlessly cut down trees and make our life uncomfortable.     

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