My Best Friend, Favorite Friend Paragraph

My Best Friend, Favorite Friend Paragraph, Write a paragraph about your favorite frind or best friend , My Best Friend paragraph for Class V to X . প্রিয় বন্ধু বা প্রিয় বান্ধবী সম্পর্কে অনুচ্ছেদ রচনা কর।
My Best Friend

My Best Friend
Tannistha is my best friend. She is now around 14 years old. She lives in our neighborhood. Her curly hair and beautiful eyes are quite attractive. Like me, she often wear frock.  Both of us are fond of music and football. I, however, do not know much about international football, but she does. She is a hardcore fan of FC Barcelona. She watch football events like UEFA Champions League burning the midnight oil. None can stop her from doing this. Besides, Tannistha is a great animal lover. Whenever she finds any stray dog or cat in distress, she attends to it with immense care. We two often share our thought and dreams. I wish to be a doctor and she a vet. we may pursue different goals, but the basic essence of both the goals is the same.    
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