Green House Effect Short Paragraph, গ্রীন হাউসের কুফল

Green House Effect Short Paragraph, গ্রীন হাউসের কুফলঃ
Green house effect is a major cornering problem for the people living mainly in south Asia. In the western cold countries seeds are grown in glasses so that cold air cannot damage them. System are kept to keep the atmosphere in the glass circled area warm . In the same way, our atmosphere is guarded by a ozone layer which resists the entrance of ultra violet ray from thew sun. But recently, afforestation around the world and the increasing number of engined vehicles are increasing the amount of carbon-di-oxide gas.        
As a result carbon-di-oxide is making hole in the ozone layer.  For this, heat from the sun is directly entering into the earth. If such conditions goes on for a long time, the world would be hotter.The ice in the aratic region would be melting. Some partys of Bangladesh, India and Whole of the Madives would ground water. There will be drought through out the would. Many creature will be on the verge  of extinction. So massive steps should be taken to prevent such undesirable situation.  
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