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In this post we are ashre Your College Library or School Library Paragraph, A short paragraph of Your College Library or School Library Paragraph.  Paragraph of Your College Library or School Library.

A library is most important part of college. It is a store- house of knowledge. Our College has a big library. There are two parts in it. In one part there is a reading room. And in the other part there are many admirals in which all the books are arranged neatly. There is an experienced Lebanon. We can borrow books from the library. The library has some rare collection of books. In the reading room we can read as many books as we like. Thus we can increase our knowledge. At the other side is situated the reading section for our teachers. Daily newspapers, weeklies, etc. are supplied for the students. Our library is very rich because every year new books are bought. Our college library is a well decorated building. It opens at 8.00 a.m  and close at 4.00 p.m except a holidays. Our collage is of great use. We are really proud of it.            

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