Networking Short Question and Answer for Class XI, XII

In this post we try to share computer Networking, HTML Short and True False Type very important Question and Answer for Class XI, XII, and other student for WBCHSE (West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary), CBSC board and other competitive  examination.

Networking Short Question and Answer

Question 1: Wan is a ....
Answer: Networking through computers of relatively large geographical area.

Question 2: In WAN data transmission error is less. (True/False)
Answer: False

Question 3: Full Name of ATM is Automatic transfer Mode (True/False)

Answer: False

Question 4: Full Name of HTML is ....
Answer: Hyper Text Markup Language

Question 5: WWW is .......
Answer: To Get the benefit of four serveries of internet

Question 6:ISP Stand for ......
Answer: Internet Service Provider (Example -BSNL, Vodafone, Airtel ect.  )

Question 7: The nature of email address is .....
Answer: Name@domain (Example - abcd@gmail.com)

Question 8:The First Successful network is ....

Question 9:Modem Stands for Modulator and Transmodulator (True/ False)
Question 10: Telnet is an Internet protocol. (True/False)
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