How to Add an Admin to Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is most popular social networking site. So now a day facebook is big market place of e-comerce. Today i sahre with you how to add more then one facebook fan page addmin. flowing the few some steps.
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  •  1. 5 Easy Steps To Add an Admin. to Your Facebook Fan Page
  • 2. Step 1 
  • Create a Facebook account or Login to Facebook account, and go to your Facebook Fan Page. 
  • 3. Step 2
    • Click on “Edit Page” underneath your profile picture.
  • 4. Step 3
    • Click on Add option, in the box labeled “Admins”.
    • It is located underneath the “Promote Your Page” box.
  • 5. Step 4
    • Select Your New Admin or email address. By clicking on their picture.
    • You may add them from your current Facebook friends list, or by entering their e-mail address.
  • 6. Step 5
    • Click on Add Admin.
  • Finaly you have now completed the 5 easy steps to adding an new Admin. to your Facebook fan page. will be able to update your fan page, create notes, add tabs, check your stats, and much more!
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