How To Increase Speed of Hard Disk Drive

It is common observation that sometimes our computer or laptop slows down due to low performance of hard drive. This problem happens due to the slow performance or poor speed of hard disk drive (HDD). When we say about poor performance, actually we mean poor speed of reading/writing of hard drive. This problem can be solved easily maintain some steps.

Flowing The below steps
  • Click Start menu and go run.
  • Now type (sysedit.exe) in run open text box and press enter.
  • System configuration editor will appear.
  • Here you can see some multiple windows but you will select (system.ini).
  • This window contains a line (386enh)
  • Now after this line type (irq14=4096)
  • Now close this window and save it.

Finally Reboot(restart) your computer.Now you will surely feel better performance of your computer or laptop.

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