Input Device

Light Pen

This is a pen -shaped device allowing natural movement on the screen. With the help of this pointing device any menu/icon can be selected or any line can be drawn on the screen.Light pen is like a pen but on its back side there is a long tail like wire connected with the computer.It contains a light
Light pen
Light Pen
receptor which is activated by pressing the pen against the screen . Receptor is the scanning beam which helps in locating the pen's position.

Advantage of light pen :

  • Very easy to use.
  • It is useful for programs like CAD (Computer Aided Design) for changing shape ,size, location etc. on the screen image.
  • It can directly draw on screen

Disadvantages of light pen:

  • It is not so accurate while drawing .
  • It is comparatively expensive compared alternate pointing device like mouse.
  • Tiresome after long hours usages.

 Joy Sticks :

Joy sticks is also a pointing device which is used more on entertainment usage like games.

 Joy Sticks
Joy sticks
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