Input Output Devices

Input Output Devices

The Computer will be of no use if it is not communicating with the external world. Thus a computer must have a system to receive information from outside world and must be able to communicate result to external world. So ,a computer must contain an input/output(I/O) devices.

It include two basic components, one is the I/O devices and another called I/O module.

Input Devices :

These ,as the name suggests,are used for transferring user's command or choise or data from the external world the computer.

Input information may be program or data. The input devices are Keyboard, Floppy disk, Punch card, Mouse, Scanner, Digitizer, Visual Display unit (VDU), Voice input system, Magnetic tape device,  Light pen (Joystick) Analog to Digital converter (ADC) etc..

Main Function of the input unit is
  • To take instructions or data from the outside world
  • To transform them into binary form,and
  • Sends the converted instructions and data to the computer system for processing.


Output devices :

It is output device. The name of our monitor is CRTVDU ( Cathode Ray Tube visual Display Unit). A CDU normally consists of 25 rows and 80 column .Some of the populary used monitor are:
Monochrome,HGA (Hercules Graphics 750X 350 Dots),EGA (Enhanced Graphics adaptor)
,Printer,plotter etc..

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