Computer Input Device


Scanner is input device. It is facilities capturing the information and storing them in graphic format for displaying back on the graphical screen.

It consist  of two components ,the first one to illuminate the page so that the optical image can be captured and the second part convert the optical image into digital format for storage by computers.
The graphical image scanned can now be seen and processed directly by the computer.

Advantages of scanner:

  • Any image can be converted from paper into digital format which can be used latter in other computer documents.
  • Of various types of scanner flatbed scanner are very accurate and can produce images ,of high quality.

Disadvantages of scanner:

  • Image can take up a lot of memory space.
  • The quality of the final image depends upon the quality of original documents.


Digitizer is an input device. Digitizer or Drawing board is device by which drawing, drafting, mapping, desktop publishing, animation and presentation graphics can be done. The drawing or the sketch is first placed on digitizer lablet and then through tracing the graphic information can be converted into accurate digital information by the digitizer and which the enter into computer.
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