Main Features of Computer

Main Features of Computer 

Speed :

It is a very fast device which can perform any type of task in a fraction of seconds when performing a particular task for hours together .It maintains the same speed till the of it.
            A computer speed is generally expressed in megahertz ( MHz)  ,millions of machine cycles per second .Thus a PC (Personal Computer ) listed at 100 MHz has a processor capable of handing 100 millions machine cycle per seconds .Another measure of computer speed is MIPS ( one million instructions per seconds). MIPS is often a more accurate measure than clock speed, because some computer can use each tick of the clock more efficiently than other.
        A third measure of speed is the mega flops (MFLOPS), which stands for one million floating point operations per seconds. It measure the ability of the computer to perform complex mathematical operations.

Accuracy :

           accuracy means exactness of result. A computer never gives any wrong information unless and until the user does. Also that the accuracy of the results obtained from computer mainly depends on the method of programming and the way the results are interpreted.

Storage Capacity :

              A computer can store large amount of data and when ever required can retrieve it back very easily.

Versatility :

            A computer can perform almost any type of arithmetical and logical operation which is broken down in to a series of a computer readable logical steps.

Diligence :

               A computer doesn't suffers from monotony , tiredness and not loose concentration , If can work for hours with the same degree of accuracy.

Reliability :

             Computer are extremely reliable ,When reliability is the measure of the performance of a computer,measure against some predetermined standard for operation without the failure of it.

Reliability of Computer =Serviceable Time/Serviceable Time + Down Time

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