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The Theatre was an Elizabethan playhouse in Shoreditch (in Curtain Road, part of the modern London Borough of Hackney), just outside the City of London. It was the first permanent theatre ever built in England. It was built in 1576 after the Red Lion and was the first successful one. 


Outlines: What it is: Talkies: A handy amusement: Its educative value: Conclusion.

What it is: The cinema is s series of mobile pictures shown on a white screen in a dark hall. At first pictures of actors and actresses playing their parts against a suitable background are taken by the camera in quick succession. All these pictures are arranged or edited on a long film according to a story or a plot. They are then shown on the screen with the help of an instrument called a Projector. It is a wonderful invention of science. It was invented by the late Joseph Alva Edison of America.

Talkies: Nowadays pictures not only move but also talk. These are called talkies. In a talkie motion and sound are combined. Pictures of men and women are taken when they move and talk.

A handy amusement:

 The cinema has won great popularity nowadays. It is a good medium of amusement. After a week's hard toll, our heart naturally wants to have some amusement. We can enjoy stories, music and dancing and see sights and facts of life at a nominal cost. All these give great relief to our minds.

Its educative value: 

The value of cinema is also great in the field of education. The great plays of Shakespeare and Bernard Shaw are sometimes shown on the screen. Great novels of the great writers of the world are presented on the screen. Historical pictures can teach us better than a school and more than a book. When we see anything performed before our own eyes it leaves a deep and lasting impression in our minds. Social pictures draw our attention to social evils and inspire us to remove them. So the cinema is also a helpful agent of social reform.


A gift of modern science, the cinema has a great influence either for good or for bad. Good pictures add to our enjoyment and education while bad ones eat into the morals of society.

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