Radio Paragraph for school students within 300 Worlds

Write a paragraph about radio. Mention its invention, its importance, it is a source of amusment, news, advertisement, propaganda, its educative value, public opinion etc.


A radio is a wonderful gift of modern science. It gives the modern wonderful service. It is very much popular today. Radios have brought the whole world to our drawing rooms. We can hear the news and views of the world on our beds over a radio set. Rodio is a source of amusement. We listen to sweet songs, music and many other talks over it. It has an educative value also. It relays lessons, stories and poems for the learners. A radio is an instrument of advertisement and propaganda. It helps to form public opinion. In short, it gives food for thought and amusement to all ranks of people. So it is really important to us. We can not think of modern life without a radio set.

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