Swimming Essay for Students with 400 words

Swimming is the movement of the body through water using arms and legs. People can swim in the sea, swimming pools, rivers and lakes. People swim for exercise, for fun, and as a sport. There are several styles of swimming, known as "strokes", including front crawlbreaststrokefreestylebutterfly, and backstroke.


Outlines: Introduction: A good form of exercise; Swimming competitions and the glory of the competitors: Conclusion.



 Swimming is an art. It is moving in water with the help of hands and legs. Nobody can swim in the water all of a sudden. It requires a lot of practice. The swimmer becomes tried in a short time. But there are swimmers who can swim for hours together.

A good form of exercise: 

Swimming is not only an art but also good for health. It is a very good exercise. It exercises the whole body. Those who can swim well can save themselves from drowning. They can save others too. Soldiers and policemen must learn the art of swimming. It is very useful and can make a nation hardy.

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Swimming competitions and the glory of the competitors: 

Swimmers sometimes compete with one another. Our hero swimmer, Brojen Das, crossed the English Channel, which is a difficult task. This brought fame not only to himself but also to Bangladesh in the field of swimming. Abdul Malek and some other swimmers have also won international recognition and thus brought glory to our country. Boats go after swimmers lest they should go down and die. A number of men swim together in a competition in a river or a big pool. They are looked upon as heroes and their splendid feet is highly praised by the public. The swimmers are awarded medals and prizes. This is done to encourage them. The swimmers are brave and hardy.


Swimming is one of the good forms of physical exercise. It helps in the building of health and character. It should be given due importance in the country for its health-giving qualities.

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