The most Important Indian of the Last Century Paragraph Within 300 Words

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The most important Indian of the Last Century

[Hints- Name the person you want to write about-why do you think him to be the most important-justify your view with reference to a few incidents of his life-his area of work and its relevance to this century-how he inspires you.]

According to my, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was the most important Indian of the last century. He sacrificed his life for India's freedom. He is the glory and pride of India. Subhas Chandra loved his country very much from boyhood. He passed the I.C.S Examination with credit but he did not accept any government service. He joined the freedom movement. He went to Gandhiji to take advice and suggestion from him in connection with the freedom movement. But he differed with Gandhiji. He did not take up Gandhiji's non-violent policy. He was jailed for many years. The British rulers were afraid of him. So he was kept confined in his own room. He left the country in disguise and formed the Azad Hind Fouj with the Indian soldiers who gave up the British army during his stay in Japan. He attacked India on the eastern border and proceeded towards Imphal. He raised the tri-colour flag of independent India at Imphal. But circumstances compelled him to go back.

Our Country is now in a critical situation. The social, political and economic condition of our country is deplorable We are like a ship drifting on the current of the ocean without a captain. Indian needs a leader like Netaji just at this moment. We do not know whether he is dead or alive, but his patriotism, self-sacrifice, idealism is a source of inspiration to me.

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