Importance of Time in Life Paragraph within 300 Words

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Importance of Time in Life

Importance of Time in Life

[Hints: Life meant not for idling but for work-necessity of planning of time-price to be paid if time wasted-training children to grow a habit of punctuality-proverbs emphasising the importance of time-conclusion.]

Life is not an empty dream. It is full of struggle and success, defeat and despair. The man who fights heart and soul in life wins the crown of success. So life is not for idling but for work. But it is necessary for the planning of time. We must do any work at the right time. It plays a most important part in every walk of life. A punctual man finds enough time to work in life. Loss of time is the loss of life. Lost health may be gained by medicine, lost knowledge may be gained by study, lost wealth may be gained by industry but time that is lost, is lost forever.

 Parents must help to grow the habit of punctuality among their children. It is the right time to teach them the value of time. There are a proverb-Time and tide wait for none. Because time is fleeting. It is to maintain punctuality by which we can utilize time properly. Napoleon had a secretary who was always late. He used to say it was his watch who would make him late for not keeping time correctly. Napoleon told him, "You change your watch or I will change my secretary." This shows that Napolean valued punctuality History tells us that great men were very punctual and it was for this reason that they were crowned with brilliant success. To them, nothing was more precious than time.

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