Your Pet Animal Essay within 600 words

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Your Pet Animal


Your Pet Animal তোমার প্রায় প্রাণী

Introduction: It is a favourite hobby with many people to keep pets. Some are fond of birds, some are fond of beasts and some of the fish. Some pets are loved for their virtue, some for their beauty and some out of pure love. 

Description: Like others, I have a pet. It is a cat. Its name is Mini. A few months ago her mother gave birth to several kittens. I took one of them as a pet. Now Mini is much bigger. Its colour is mixed with black and white, Its eyeballs are dazzling.

Mint is very clean in its habit. Whenever I take my meal, it comes to me and remains sitting by my side until my meal is over. Sometimes, its news and twinkles its eyes as a symbol of modes. Then it eats up remaining dishes of my meal,

Nature: My mother scolds me when Mini steals something out of hunger. When I drive it with a stick it jumps over the wall and runs away. Very often the mother is vexed at its activities.

In most of the time by day, It remains idle and sometimes it sleeps. But it remains awake all overnight to catch its prey. Sometimes it catches mice and cockroaches, It is a good hunter. 

Food: Mini is very fond of taking fish, meat and milk. When it becomes hungry it looks about to steal something. 

Conclusion: My youngers are also very fond of Mini. They call it uttering 'mini push, push'. In reply, it only mews, When I go to school it follows me to a distance and soon returns home. When I come back home, it becomes very cheerful and utters news. In sits down under my table when I read in the evening. Sometimes it runs here and there and soon returns. It goes to my sleeping room with me and jumps on my lap as if il wants to sleep with me. After all, I love my pet animal. No doubt, it is my hobby.

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