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Dignity Of Labour (শ্রমের মর্যাদা)

Introduction: It is said that industry is the root of prosperity. Without labour, nothing can be achieved in this world. To acquire knowledge and wealth labour is essential. Labour is of two types-physical and mental labour. Both are equally necessary.

Dignity Of Labou


Description: Physical labour is essential for our very existence. Without physical labour. life is impossible. Those, who do not exercise physical labour, depend directly or indirectly on others. The rich, the educated, the so-called gentlemen think those persons mean, by whose hard physical labour wealth of the country. is achieved. This so-called gentry sex indirectly depends upon farmers, fishermen, day-labourers. weavers, blacksmith etc. No work is mean, no work is terrifying. The coolie bears the burden, shoe-maker mends shoes, the fishermen catch fish and the farmer toils in the field- they should never be looked down upon. Their labour is holy, free From any shame, and disgrace.

Physical labour in our country: In our country, some educated persons think, physical labour is shameful. So they try to avoid it. They think that their prestige ) will be lost at it. They feel shame even to bear a bag from the market. They dare to do any physical labour for fear of the public criticism 

Its importance in the oriental countries: The people of the oriental countries are aware of the dignity of labour and on it lies their progress and prosperity. Students there do part-time work in hotels, factories, mills etc and get extra income for their study and necessary things Coolies are seldom found in the railway stations of those countries. They themselves do all the household work. They do idle away their time and energy by gossiping. They give preference to physical labour

Conclusion: We should fully realise the dignity of labour. We must not feel shy to do any work with our own hands. Labour is holy. It should be welcomed

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