A moonlit night Essay | Essay on A Moonlit Night within 600 Words

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A moonlit night Essay

 A moonlit night

Introduction: Man fears darkness. So, he fears night: But a moonlit night is not at all an object of fear. It is the most pleasing and welcoming to a man.

Description: The sun and the moon give us light. But we like moonlit night more than the sunlight because the light of the moon charms everybody. The silver full moon in a cloudless sky is a bewitching night to all. The silver light of the moon floods the earth and the sky above it. In a moonlit night, the seas, the lakes and the rivers dance in great joy. A flowing river in a moonlit night looks like a stream of melted silver. When the moon pours her light on the waves of water, it sparkles like a diamond. It is a rare sight for a man to enjoy.

Effect on the human mind: A moonlit night has an intense effect on the human mind. The young and the old equally enjoy the rare beauties of a moonlit night. Such night smooths our mind and we forget our worries and anxieties. The full moon makes the birds mad in joy. They sing melodious song throughout the whole night. With their sweet songs, we forget ourselves. Nobody feels more deeply than the poets do in a moonlit night. It takes them away from this world to.the world of imagination

Conclusion: A moonlit night is full of delight and fascination. It makes this dreary world a beautiful place worthy of living. It shakes our mind, thrills our heart, elevates our spirit and enables our soul.

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