A Railway Station Paragraph

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Railway Station

 A Railway Station Paragraph

A railway station is a place where a train stops for sometime. Often a train starts from a railway station. There is a platform here. The passengers get down and get into a train from a railway station. There are waiting rooms for men and women. A railway station has a station masters room, a booking office, a ticket-counter and some other rooms. It has also some shops for selling various things. People are found in a long time to buy tickets. It is a busy and crowded place. As soon as a train comes the station becomes noisy, crowded and busy. People rush, coolics shout and all are in a hurry . But the hawkers sell goods  even then. The porters are found then moving busily with loads either in hand or on heads. The typical shout of the hawkers and roaming shouts fact of the engine make the place a centre of hurry and noise. We find beggars and pick pocketer too in a railway station. When the train leaves the station, it becomes clean and quiet again. A railway station is in fact a centre of busy activities. We come to and go away from this world. This is also the same a railway station.

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