Football Short Paragraph For Kids

Football Short Paragraph For Kids: In this post we are share Football Short paragraph for kids ( Class III to VIII ) within 300 words.


Football is the most popular game in the world. This game is not costly like cricket. It can be played by all people, the rich and the poor. The game is played in a big field of rectangular shape with two

goal post at the two opposite ends. A referee with two linesmen conducts the game. Every team has eleven players. None can touch the ball with the hand except the goalkeeper. The matches are usually

played for ninety minutes. Sometimes the match runs into an extra time or a tie breaker. The team scoring more numbers of goals win the match. Football is a game of great interest and excitement. It also develops the team spirit and discipline. The game requires strength and strong body of the players. The game of football is played according to certain rules framed by Indian Football Association (I.F.A.). The great football players like Pele, Maradona made soccer most popular.
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