My Pet Dog , Short Essay on My Pet Animal for Children and Students

My Pet Dog Short Paragraph, Essay on My Pet Animal for Children and Students , write a paragraph about your pet animal, পোষা প্রাণী, আমার প্রিয় কুকুর, আমার পোষা বিড়াল।  
My Pet Dog

My Pet Dog
Piku is my pet dog. He is very large in size. He has four legs, two ears and two eyes. He wags his tail. His body is covered with fur.He takes milk and meat. He barks to alert us. We all treat him as a member of our family. 

My Pet Cat.
My pet is my pussy cat. Its name is Mimi. It is a white furry tiny animal. It is fond of milk, rice and fish-bones. I play with Mini in the lawn after my school hours. It is very fond of playing. Mimi mews when she feels hungry. Then I give it some kind of light food. It moves from one room to another, following me. It wants to be always near me. It dozes on the floor, when I study on my desk. It yawns when I feels sleepy. It lies down on a mat at night near my bed. I love Mimi very much. It is, as if, one of our family members. My mother gives it milk in a plate at the kitchen-door. It drinks milk with pleasure. Mimi gazes at me innocently when I go to school with my bag at my Hack. It comes up to the main gate to see me off.
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