The Mango Short Paragraph For Class V- XII, My favourite fruit, My favourite fruit Mango

Short Essay on 'Mango' 

The Mango Short Paragraph For Class V- XII,

The 'Mango' is the National Fruit of India. It is a sweet fruit. It is a common fruit of our country. It is a seasonal fruit, too. The mango is a fleshy stone fruit belonging to the genus Mangifera. Mangoes are rich in vitamin A, C, and D. It is also called the king of fruits.  It is generally found in the summer season. Mangoes are grown commercially in a large orchard. There are over 100 varieties of mangoes in India They are in various range of colours, sizes, and shapes. The popular kinds are the Langra, the Gopalbhog, the Fazli, and the Ashwini etc. Malda District, state of West Bengal in India are famous for mango in our country. 
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  My Favourite Fruit

My favourite fruit is mango. It is the king of fruits. It is a seasonal fruit. It is grown in summer. It is juicy and tasty. The raw mango is green. But a ripe mango is generally yellowish or red in colour. There are various kinds of mangoes in India. Places like Malda, Digha, Hoshiarpur, Benaras, Bombay and Bihar are famous for sweetly scented mangoes. They are known by different names. Among them, Lungra, Himsagar, Fajli, Dasheri, Krishnabhog are famous ones. Achar, Murabba, Chutney, Amchur are made from green mangoes. Aam-satto, jam, jelly are prepared from ripe mangoes. I like all delicious mangoes

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