My Daily Life Paragraph, My Daily Routine Short Paragraph

I am a student. My daily life is very simple. I get up early in the morning. I wash my hands and face. Then I go for a walk. I walk for half an hour. The morning walk refreshes me. I come back and take my breakfast. I eat an egg and drink a cup of tea. Then I sit down to prepare my homework. I read for two hours. After finishing my study, I was myself and take my food. I put on my school dress and go school. I reach school punctually. I like to sit on the first bench I attend school regularly. I am very attentive in class. I wash and take my food. I put on my school dress and go school. i listen carefully to what the teachers say. There are some naughty boys in my class. I do not like them. I mix with good boys. After the fourth period, we have a recess for half an hour I go to the reading- room and read a book or a magazine. I do not like to waste my time. This is my daily life. I try to utilize it every day. Time is very valuable for us. We should not waste it.

My Daily Life Paragraph, My Daily Routine Short Paragraph

At 9.00 pm I take my supper and watch TV. I go to bed around ten o’clock. Besides this, I read the daily newspapers. There are minor changes in my routine on holidays. On holidays I go to different places to remove my monotony. This is in brief the description of my typical day. I am happy about the way I spend my daily life.     


My Daily Routine

Points: when you get up when you go to school-when you play-when you study - what you do on Sundays and holidays

I follow a routine life daily. I get up early in the morning. I take freehand exercises. I study up to 9a.m. Then I take my lunch and go to school. I go to school by bus. I come back from school in the afternoon and play with my friends. Then I prepare my lessons up to 10p.m. I take a happy break from this routine on Sundays and holidays.



Every day I get up from bed at 6. a. m. except on Fridays. I spend half an hour washing and tiding myself. After that, I study for about half an hour. Then I take my breakfast and go to school. My school starts at 8-30 p. mn. Usually, I take lunch with my parts and brothers at 2-30 p. m. Then I take some rest. In the afternoon I go to play with my friends. In the evening I study for about two hours. At about 10-30 I go to bed.


Write a paragraph on 'Your Daily Life' with the help of the following points:

[ HINTS: 5 am, get up and wash-5.30, exercise breakfast-study-bath, meal-start for school-come back home, light tiffin, play-study-supper-sleep.]

My Daily Life

I live a routine-bound daily life. I get up at 5 am. I wash, brush and clean myself. I take some exercises. Then I breakfast. At 6 am, I go to study. At about 9 o'clock I take bath and dress. Mother serves food. I get ready for school. Our school starts at 11 am. I attend all the periods. I return at 4.15 pm, take some refreshments and go out to play football or cricket with my playmates. In the evening I do my homework. At 9.30 I enjoy my supper with my parents. Then we have a nice chat. At 10 pm I go to sleep and rise in the morning to repeat the same routine. Only on Sunday do I have a sweet escape from the daily routine. [ source: Santana Dhar, Bardhaman ]

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