How to Test Your Internet Speed ? New !!!!

Today i share how to test your internet browsing, download,uploading speed.All of us have Internet Connections at our places... and pay for costly Hi-Speed Broadband Plans...But never thought of checking the speed that you actually get? Well I made an application to serve the purpose.....

 How to Test Your Internet Speed ? New !!!!
About Application :
> Application Size = 208 KB
> It checks the Internet Speed from a Calcutta Server
> Downloads a 128 KB of Sample Data
> It calculates your inernet Speed for you

What you need to have :
> Windows 2000, NT, Xp, Vista or higher
> For Windows Xp, NT, 2000 .Net Framework 2.0 or higher (Vista has it preloaded)
> Internet Explorer Installed

How to Usage it :
** Just Double Click to test the speed of your connection.

Enjoy...Thank you
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