How to Remove BIOS Password one minute !!! Without Software


How to Remove BIOS Password one minute !!!Forgot BIOS Password ? Don't worry !!

Don't worry!! Have a nice solution for you. Flowing the below instruction.
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Do the following :

1. First
Open the CPU
2. Now, observe the motherboard.
3. You notice a coin like silver Battery(3V).

This battery is 24 x 7 power supply for the BIOS, which is used to run the system clock will the main power is off. It also initiates the booting process when power is switched on.

4. Remove the battery from the motherboard
(It is safe to remove the Battery)
5. Wait 30 seconds and place the battery back on the motherboard.
6. Now, when you start your system you won't be prompted for the BIOS password.

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Enjoy !!!------------------------------------ CAUTION --------------------------------------
Perform on your own risk !2.
You have to set the time of your computer when you start again.

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