Computer Networking


Computer networks are everywhere. You find them in large business and small one, school, college, institute,
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government office and even students bedroom. In to–day world, it is important to know what networks are and how they can help you.
Networks enhance the computer’s ability to exchange, share, preserve and protect information. You will also see how networks can make it easier to share expensive hardware and software.


Despite the incompatibilities among network technologies researches have device a scheme that provides universal service among heterogeneous networks call internet or internetwork. Internet is the world’s largest computer network. Internet is a window to global information through interconnecting between several computers of different types all over the globe.
The internet use both hardware and software. Additional hardware systems are used to interconnect a set of physical networks .Software on the attached computers then provide universal service. The resulting system of connected physical networks is what we call as internet.
21st century world is the world of advertisement and Television, Radio and Newspapers etc. are the means of advertisement which is much expensive. In this sense internet is the best and most inexpensive means of advertisement. For thus the organization or the institution will set up a home page and the world will come to know about the products, price, service provided and other activities etc. through internet. The other facilities available through internet include publishing, extension, teaching etc.


An intranet uses the same tool and techniques as the global internet to provide information and services, but within a company or organization. An intranet can work equally well within the confines of a small company with a few employees scattered in different location or within a large, global corporation. If you have an intranet at your school or office, you view documents that look just like the ones on the web. An intranet can be up and running without any connection to the outside world.


In its simplest form, an extranet is an expanded internet that can include customers, client, supplies and almost anyone etc .who has contact with your company (who relate to your business) access to your internet using intranet technology. Extranet help business; improved customer service, Increases revenue and save time, money and resources.
Building an extranet is hard work-even harder than building an intranet. Many issues like compatibility, access and security, need to be worked out before the externals users are provided access. An extranet requires more planning than intranet and cost more, too.

Free net:

A free net provides free, public access to the internet. Free nets are often sponsored by local library system. Although they do not usually offer all the tools provided by an ISP (Internet service provider).Free nets gives e-mail services and limited access to the World Wide Web (WWW)
Many free net exist around the world but each one is tailored to meet the need of the local community. No two free nets are identical.
Free nets usually provide free email accounts to their users. The mail systems of most free net is not very sophisticated and only allow short text messages .you cannot attach a document or include graphics images in a free net mail message.

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