Data and Information

What is Data ?

Distinct pieces of information,usually formatted in a special way. Data can exist in a variety of forms-as numbers or text on pieces of paper,as bits and bytes stored in electronic memory, or as facts stored in a person's mind.
       Strictly speaking ,data is the plural of dadaum ,a single piece of information .In practice ,however ,people use data as both the singular and plural form of the world.
 Finally ,we can also say ,data is a set of related facets which can be numbers,lattes of alphabet ,words or ,special symbols.But individually they have no meaning.
Example-Such studies are weight of any thing,name of a person,the office address,the price of any material,percentage of interest,the speed of a vehicle etc.

What is Information?

The meaningful context of data is the information.It is obtained through processing of data. When we analysis data that is meaningful and understandable to computer is call information.
 The nature of information directly linked with data processing.Again various type of information can be produced form the same data for different works. Further ,a number of special data be necessary for special type of information .the relation between data ,processing and information is shown below .

Data processing
Data Processing

Example -In order to obtain the age of student we usually subtract his birth data form present date.Here in the case the birth date is the data ,the subtraction is the processing and the age is the information.

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