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How to insert Table in blog post Without HTML Code

Today i am going to show or explain How to Insertions of table in blog post using blogger post editor is quite difficult, you need to know the HTML codes and then have to construct the table by arranging the tag manually in post editor. So it is difficult jobs for one who is not familiar with HTML codes or HTML Tag. However there are lots of easy ways to build up a table in blog post without actually using the HTML codes.
How To insert Table in a Blogpot blog post ?

  • First we will make the table on Microsoft word, 
  • After than convert the table to HTML codes and then finally insert it into blog post.

To create a table in Microsoft word
Step 1:-
  • First Go to Microsoft word
  • Go to Insert----Table----Insert Table
  • Give the number of Columns and Rows
  • Complete the table with whatever you want to write.
  • Select the table by clicking the following highlighted option, it will appear on mouse hover
  • Right click and then click Copy
To convert the table into HTML codes
Step 2:
  • Go to Tableizer then paste the table codes there in the Text field
  • You can customize Font size, Header color and Font style etc. there, the options are available bellow the text field.
Step 3: 

  • After setting up click on Tableize it. It will converts the table into HTML codes.
  • Now go to Blogger------New Post------HTML editor
  • There you will see a piece of codes like this
<div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on"><br /></div>
Step 4:

  • Paste Converted HTML codes right before <br/> tag
  • Now click on Preview and if it is likable then Publish.
Enjoy the Post !! Thank you ..

Keyboard Shortcuts for Notepad With Describe


Notepad is basic text editor for Microsoft Windows and a basic text-editing program that you can use to create documents.Notepad is always at your hand, you just have to write down what you want to do. Notepad is useful for collecting and keeping all sorts of information. For example, whenever you find useful information on an Internet site, simple copy it and paste it into a Notepad file.

Some Keyboard Shortcuts for Notepad

EffectKeyboard Shortcuts
Move cursor to the beginning of the line currently on.Home
Move cursor to the end of the line currently on.End
Cursor up one line.Up
Cursor down one line.Down
Scroll up one screen.PageUp
Scroll down one screen.PageDown
Scroll left one screen.Ctrl + PageUp
Scroll right one screen.Ctrl + PageDown
Scroll to the top of the document.Ctrl + Home
Scroll to the bottom of the document.Ctrl + End
Move left one word.Ctrl + Left
Move right one word.Ctrl + Right
Starts a new line or moves text after cursor down.Enter
Deletes one character that cursor is on or currently selected text.Delete (Del)
Deletes one character before the cursor.Backspace
Pastes contents currently on clipboard.Ctrl + V
Using shift in combination with any of the above scrolling or moving commands will select/highlight text, such as Ctrl + Shift + Right.Shift
Copies currently selected text into Clipboard.Ctrl + C
Cuts the currently selected text into Clipboard.Ctrl + X
Find text.Ctrl + Q + F
Repeat last search.F3
Displays help.F1

Do Enjoy this post !!  Thank's


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