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What is the Full Form of CPU ? CPU Full Form

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What is the Full Form of CPU ? CPU Full Form


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Computer CPU Registers

Different CPU register :

cpu register
               A register is a group of memory elements that work together as a unit. It can store one bit of information. The simplest registers do nothing more than store a binary word;others modify the stored word by shifting its bits left or right or by performing other operations to be discussed in this article.


        An accumulator(AC) is a buffer register that store the result after the computation,It is a 16 -bits register and determines the largest real integer number that can be processed in a computer.


Status register which is a special purpose register of CPU is known as flag-register or condition code.It holds 1-bit flags to indicate certain condition that arises during arithmetic and logical operations.

Program Counter (PC):

Program counter(PC) store the address of the next instruction.Program counter at any point of time holds the address of the next instruction in the  program.At the beginning of execution,It points to the address of the first instruction.This register goes through a counting sequence and directs computer to read instructions sequentially from the memory.

Instruction Register(IR):

Holds the current instruction after it has been fetched from the memory and so on. It consists of an op-code of 4 data bits an address or 12-bits,so Instruction Register(IR) is a 16-bits register.

Memory Address Register(MAR):

Memory Address Register(MAR) at any time contains the address of current instruction being executed.The process proceeds like this- read cycle initiated and PC incremented by one. Since MAR is required to address memory only,it is a 12-bits register.

Memory Buffer Register(MBR):

Memory buffer register (MBR) is a 16-bits register the store the data temporarily as it is.Transferred back and forth between the memory.Read/write signals are held here.

General Purpose Register(GPR):

There are 9 General Purpose Register (GPR) which ware used to store intermediate result obtained during and arithmetic operations.They are numbered 1,2,3 ....9 Each register is 8 digits log and can hold one word. 

Register usage:

The number of registers available on a processor and the operations that can be performed using those registers has a significant impact on the efficiency of code generated by optimizing compilers. The Strahler number of an expression tree gives the minimum number of registers required to evaluate that expression tree.

Arithmetic And Logic Unit

What is Arithmetic And Logic Unit -ALU ?

The full form of ALU is arithmetic and Logic Unit.
Arithmetic And Logic Unit(ALU) contains the electronic circuitry that executes all arithmetic and logical operations. The arithmetic and logic unit can perform four kinds of arithmetic operations, or mathematical calculation: addition (+),subtraction (-),multiplication, and division,As its name implies
,the arithmetic and logic unit also perform logical operations(AND or NOT). a logical operation is usually a comparison .The unit can compare number ,letters,or special characters.The computer can then take action based on the result of the comparison.This is a very important capability.Logical operations can test the conditions such as equal-to,less-than,greater-then etc.It is by comparing that a computer is able to tell, for instance,where there are unfilled seats on airplanes,where change -card customers have exceeded their credit limits ,and whether one candidate for congress has more votes than another.

For example,=, >, <, >, etc.

Central Processing Unit-CPU

CPU-Central Processing Unit

CPU-Central Processing Unit
The Full Form of CPU is Central Processing Unit. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the ‘brain and hart’ of computer. All types of calculation, data processing is done here.
In terms of computing power, the CPU is the most important element of a computer system.
On large machines, the CPU requires one or more printed circuit boards. On personal computers and small workstations, the CPU is housed in a single chip called a microprocessor.
The CPU control and communicates with memory and input/output device.

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) consist of three main parts-

Ø      Memory
Ø      Arithmetic Logic Unit
Ø      Control Unit

Function of CPU are as follows:

CPU serves as the brain of the computer system
It performs all the arithmetic and logical function of the computer
CPU control function of other part of the computer
It keeps communication with memory and input/output devices.
The register of the CPU store data temporarily

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