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Advantage of Network Topology

Bus Topology:

A network which consists of a single,long cable to which computer attach is known as bus topology.Any computer attach to a bus can send a single down the cable and all computers revives the single.
bus topology
Bus Topology

Advantages of Bus Topology:

  • The architecture of this layout is very simple and easy to maintain.
  • It is easy to extend the system simply by connecting additional nodes to the main cable.Signal amplifier (repeats)  can be added in case of extensive addition.

Disadvantages of Bus Topology:

  • There is a difficulty in fault diagnosis .Since the control of the network is not is centralized so it is difficult to detect a fault.
  • For fault repair if it is at the node the it can be rectified,but when the fault is in the network medium itself,then it is necessary to disconnect the entire segment.

Tree Topology:

A tree topology is a type of network topology that includes at least three specific levels in a topology hierarchy. Tree topologies are valued for their scalability and accessibility for troubleshooting.
Tree Topology
Tree Topology

Advantages of Tree Topology:

  • The Tree Topology is divided into sub unit,it is easier to extend the system.
  • In this process it is possible  to disconnect whole branches of networks from the main structure.

Disadvantages of tree Topology:

  • The network is dependent on the root,so when the headed devices fails to operate the entire networks.

Mesh Topology:

In a Mesh Topology ,every device has a dedicated point to point link to every other device.Mesh networking is a type of network topology in which a device (node) transmits its own data as well as serves as a relay for
Mesh Topology
Mesh Topology
other nodes. Routers are used to provide the best and most efficient data path for effective communication. In the event of a hardware failure, many routes are available to continue the network communication process.

Advantages of Mesh Topology:

  • Mesh Topology is robust.If one link becomes unusable,it does not incapacitates the entire system.
  • Point to point links makes fault identification and fault isolation easy.

Disadvantages of Mesh Topology:

  • The main disadvantage of a mesh are related to amount of cabling and the number of I/O ports required.
  • The hardware require to connect each link can be prohibitively expensive.


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