The Birds Of Bangladesh Essay Within 400 Word For School Student

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 The Birds Of Bangladesh 

Outlines: Introduction: A great variety: Some familiar birds; Game birds: Plundering birds: Some little and strange birds: Conclusion.


Our country is the land of various kinds of birds. Their chirping and crow's caw awaken us from sleep in the morning. Some guest birds come in different seasons. They are known as seasonal birds.

A great variety:

The birds of Bangladesh differ in size, colour and habit. They live near our houses, in jungles, in hills or in marshes. Bangladesh without her birds is unimaginable.

Some familiar birds: 

The crow, the cuckoo, the mayna, the dove, the Chandana, the parrot, the doel, the kingfisher, the wood picker, the pigeon, the cock, the sawa, and the duck are the well-known birds. Each of them has a special feature. The cuckoo is a songbird. It is the harbinger of spring. The doel is our national bird.

Game birds: 

Some birds are hunted for the flesh. They are known as game birds. The heron, the dove, the pigeon, the teal, the bittern etc. belong to this class. Many game birds came from other countries during autumn and winter. They increase the natural beauty of our country for the time being.

Plundering birds:

Some birds swoop down on their prey and take them away. They are known as plundering birds. The hawk and the kite belong to this class

Some little and strange birds:

The tuntuni, the sparrow and the babut are small birds. As they build their nests very beautifully, they are called tailor birds. The vulture and the owl are strange-looking birds.


Birds of our land are helpful and useful to us in many ways. We caught the meat and eggs of some birds. Others do well to us in some way or another. So, we should carefully protect the birds

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