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Outlines: Occasion: Preparations and beginning of the journey: How I enjoyed the flight: My experiences of the journey: Conclusion. 



From the day I saw an aeroplane over my head, was very eager to travel. by air. The chance came only a few months ago when my brother asked me to go to Calcutta to spend my holidays there.

Preparations and beginning of the journey:

I booked my passage with the B. B. and reached the Zia International Airport in the B. B. Van. Soon we were told that our plane was ready to take off. I got into the plane exactly at 8 o'clock. After a quick run the plane rose into the air and began to fly at a height of 800 feet.

How I enjoyed the flight: 

At first the plane was going very slowly. I felt as thought we were not moving at all. I had a seat beside the window. So I looked down and was amazed to find the scenes below. The land below appeared to be a beautiful garden. The boats and motor cars seemed like moving dolls. Human beings appeared like so many small ants and houses appeared like little match boxes. As we passed over the Padma, it looked like a plece of zigzag lake. I enjoyed the flight very much. 

My experiences of the journey: 

As this was my first flying experience. I must confess that I was quite shaken. I was rather surprised to see that many other. passengers were busy talking or reading or sipping tea. I was told that it was less than an hour's journey by air from Dhaka to Calcutta. Now I looked at my watch. I saw that forty-five minutes had already passed. I realised that we were not far from the destination. A few minutes later the plane gradually started flying low and all kinds of buildings were visible. This was a sufficient indication that we were nearing the Dum Dum Airport.

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The plane circled over the city once or twice. Then with a sudden joly it touched the ground. It ran along the runway and came to a standstill. I got out of the plane after the most thrilling journey of my life. All my fears now went off and I made up my mind to the return journey too, by air.

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