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fountain pen is a writing instrument that uses a metal nib to apply water-based ink to paper. It is distinguished from earlier dip pens by using an internal reservoir to hold ink, eliminating the need to repeatedly dip the pen in an inkwell during use.

Describe a fountain pen. Mention its different parts, how it is connected with different parts, how it is useful to us.

A Fountain Pen


A fountain pen is a writing pen with an inside tube that supplies ink. It has mainly two parts- the body and the cap. The body again has four parts-an an inkholder, a mouth, a nib fitter and a nib. The cap consists of a screw and a clip. The nib and the nib fitter are closely connected with the mouth of the body. When the pen is at work the cap is placed on the top of the body. At other times it is used as a covering of the nib. The nib is so constructed that the ink can smoothly flow through it. A fountain pen is of great use to us and is very beautiful to look at. It is an ornament, as it were, to a modern man or woman. 

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