A Nurse Paragraph For Any Class - Paragraph on Nursing

Write a paragraph about a nurse. Describe her works, qualities, nature, duties, how she helps the patients, where does she work etc.



Nursing is a very useful job and a very interesting profession. I like it most. I read about Florence Nightingale and about her life to nurse the wounded on the battlefield. She is a great inspiration for us. Nurses do very useful work in peacetime as well as in wartime. They look after the sick and the wounded. When a man is seriously ill, he needs a nurse as much as a doctor. A nurse has to work with strange people in a hospital. A nurse looks after the sick until he gets well and is released from the hospital. When war breaks out lots of people and soldiers are wounded, they need serious care of the nurses at that time. Nursing as a job is very hard for and tyrant. He/she does not find time even to go to bed. The nurse has to help the seriously wounded man in accordance with the direction of the attending doctor. A nurse student must be well-educated.

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