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A BUS STAND Paragraph



A bus stand is a place where buses stop for some time. It is a very busy place. The passengers get on and get off from a bus at a bus stand. Some big bus stands are provided with sheds for passengers. But many of the bus stands have no sheds. People have to wait there under the sun and rain. There are small shops at a bus stop. The hawkers move here and there with the snake betel leaf, cigarettes etc. Sometimes seasonal fruits are sold in Bus stand. Magazines are also sold here. A bus stop is often dirty in rural areas. Yet people do not bother about it. Their main purpose is to catch the bus. If they can, they think them lucky. When a bus leaves the stop, the places seem dirty. It is interesting that the place becomes a no man's land at night when no bus drives. Shouts of the helpers and conductors of the busses are heard. Ladies find it difficult to wait for a bus at a bus station because of the crowd. It is indeed noisy and useful place.

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