Microsoft Office Access Shortcut Keys, MS Access Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Access (Bengali -মাইক্রোসফট অ্যাক্সেস ) is a database management system (DBMS) from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software-development tools. It is a member of the Microsoft Office suite of applications, included in the Professional and higher editions or sold separately.[ Read more ..] [ Microsoft office PowerPoint Shortcut Keys, MS Power Point Short Key ]
Microsoft Office Access Shortcut Keys

List Of Short Cut Key For The Program Microsoft

Command Keystroke
  • Bold                  Ctrl-B
  • Builder                  Ctrl-F2
  • Close              Ctrl-W
  • Close            Ctrl-F4
  • Copy                 Ctrl-C
  • Cut                             Ctrl-X
  • Cut current line and copy to Clipboard Ctrl-Y
  • Cycle through sections                     F6/Shift-F6
  • Cycle through tab of each object's type (forward)           Ctrl-Tab
  • Cycle through tab of each object's type (backward) Ctrl-Shift-Tab
  • Database window F11
  • Delete current record                   Ctrl  -
  • Edit/Navigation mode (toggle) F2
  • Exit subform and move to next/previous field in next record                  Ctrl-Tab/Shift-Tab
  • Extend selection to next/previous record Shift-Dn/Up
  • Find                    Ctrl-F
  • Find Next Shift-F4
  • Find Previous Shift-F3
  • GoTo                         Ctrl-G
  • Insert current date                  Ctrl  ;
  • Insert current time Ctrl  :
  • Insert default value                 Ctrl-Alt-spacebar
  • Insert new line Ctrl-Enter
  • Insert value from same field in previous record                  Ctrl  '
  • Italics                         Ctrl-I
  • Menu bar F10
  • Move to beginning/end of multiple-line field                Ctrl-Home/End
  • Move to current field in first/last record (Navigation mode) Ctrl-Up/Dn
  • Move to first field in first record (Navigation mode)                 Ctrl-Home
  • Move to first/last field in current record (Navigation mode)             Home/End
  • Move to last field in last record (Navigation mode) Ctrl-End
  • Move to left edge of page Home or          Ctrl-Left
  • Move to page number/record number box        F5
  • Move to right edge of page             End or Ctrl-Right
  • New (object)             Ctrl-N
  • New record (add)               Ctrl  +
  • Next window             Ctrl-F6
  • Open                 Ctrl-O
  • Open combo box F4
  • Open in Design view              Ctrl-Enter
  • Paste             Ctrl-V
  • Print              Ctrl-P
  • Property sheet                 Alt-Enter
  • Refresh combo box             F9
  • Replace Ctrl-H
  • Requery underlying tables in subform Shift-F9
  • Save Ctrl-S
  • Save As                F12
  • Save current record Shift-Enter
  • Screen left/right Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn
  • Select/unselect column (Navigation mode)                            Ctrl-spacebar
  • Spelling/Grammar check F7
  • Switch between upper/lower panes F6
  • Switch to Form view               F5
  • Turn on Move mode                  Ctrl-F8
  • Underline               Ctrl-U
  • Undo                   Ctrl-Z
  • Undo previous extension                   Shift-F8
  • Zoom box                        Shift-F
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