Microsoft Excel Multiple Choice Question Set with Answer

MS Excel MCQS Set and 100+ question with answer.MCQS of MS EXCEL, Free Download Excel Multiple Choice question for all Examinations (Free Download all MS Excel Multiple questions )


1.   All formula in Excel start with
a.   %
b.   +
c.   =
d.   -
Correct Answer: c

2.   You can use a function to combine text from two cells into one cell. But you can use an operator to do the same thing. Which operator is that?
a.   & (ampersand)
b.   = (equal sign)
c.   (space)
d.   All of the above
Correct Answer: a

3.   Two common wildcard characters that Excel recognizes are
a.   * and ?
b.   < and >
c.   ^ and /
d.   + and -
Correct Answer: a

4.   The divide symbol is
a.   /
b.   D
c.   \
d.   )
Correct Answer: a

5.   The multiplication arithmetic operator is represented by which of the following symbols?
a.   ^
b.   *
c.   /
d.   X
Correct Answer: b

6.   To add two cells (A1 and A2) together you use the following formula
a.   =A1 + A2
b.   =Add(A1+A2)
c.   =together(A1:A2)
d.   A1 plus A2
Correct Answer: a

7.   To make a number in cell C1 10% smaller than the number in C3 you enter
a.   =C3*1.10
b.   +C3*110
c.   =C3%10
d.   =C3*.90
Correct Answer: d

8.   On an excel sheet the active cell in indicated by …
a.   A dark wide boarder
b.   A dotted border
c.   A blinking border
d.   None of above
Correct Answer: a

9.   On an Excel sheet the active cell in indicated by
a.   A dark wide border
b.   A dotted border
c.   A blinking border
d.   None of above
Correct Answer: a

10. Using the F11 shortcut key to create a chart on chart sheet creates
a.   A default chart
b.   A 2-dimensional column chart
c.   A 2-dimensional bar chart
d.   A 3-dimensional  line chart
Correct Answer: b

11. You can print
a.   A range of cells by range name
b.   An entire worksheet
c.   A single worksheet
d.   All of the above
Correct Answer: d

12. You can create only a horizontal page break by first selecting
a.   A row below the row where you want the page break to occure
b.   A cell in row 1
c.   A cell in column A
d.   a and c
Correct Answer: d

13. You can create hyperlinks from the Excel workbook to
a.   A webpage on company internet
b.   A web page on the internet
c.   Other Office 97 application documents
d.   All
Correct Answer: d

14. The cell reference fro a range of cells that starts in cell B1 and goes over to column G and down to row 10 is……
a.   B1-G10
b.   B1.G10
c.   B1;G10
d.   B1:G10
Correct Answer: d

15. The advantage of using a spreadsheet is:
a.   calculations can be done automatically.
b.   changing data automatically updates calculations
c.   more flexibility
d.   all of the above
Correct Answer: d

16. The intersection of a row and column is called :
a.   data
b.   a field.
c.   a cell
d.   an equation.
Correct Answer: c

17. There are three types of data found in a spreadsheet.
a.   data, words, numbers
b.   equations, data, numbers
c.   words, numbers, labels
d.   numbers formulas, labels
Correct Answer: d

18. To select a column the easiest method is to……
a.   Double click any cell in the column
b.   Drag from the top cell in the column to the last cell in the column
c.   click the column heading
d.   click the column label
Correct Answer: c

19. If you press ……, the cell accepts your typing as its contents.
a.   Enter
b.   Ctrl+Enter
c.   Tab
d.   Insert
Correct Answer: a 
20. which of the following special function keys allow the content in cell
a.   esc
b.   shift
c.   return
d.   Tab
Correct Answer: c
41. Late for your investors meeting? How can you quickly apply professional formatting to your sales forecast worksheet?
a.   Apply special attributes using Format Painter
b.   Apply an Auto Format Style
c.   Apply a selected background color
d.   All of above
Correct Answer: b

42. What excel feature can you use if you want to work with one record at a time?
a.   Auto Complete
b.   Auto Filter
c.   Data Form
d.   Sub Totals
Correct Answer: c

43. Excel uses the …. Function when creating a data table
a.   Average
b.   Count
c.   Sum
d.   Table
Correct Answer: d

44. You can copy cell formats from one cell to another by using the
a.   Backspace key
b.   Default font
c.   Format painter
d.   Formatting toolbar
Correct Answer: c

45. The accounting style shows negative numbers in
a.   Bold
b.   Brackets
c.   Parentheses
d.   Quotes
Correct Answer: c

46. You can use drag and drop to embed excel worksheet data in a word document
a.   By dragging a range of excel data to the word button on the taskbar while pressing the Ctrl key
b.   By dragging a range of excel data to the Word    button on the taskbar while pressing Shift key
c.   By displaying both applications side-by-side and dragging a selected range of Excel data into the word application window while pressing the Ctrl key
d.   a and c
Correct Answer: d

47. A ….. is a group of cells that form a rectangle on the screen.
a.   Calculation
b.   Formula
c.   Range
d.   Range address
Correct Answer: c

48. What term describes explanatory text attached to a cell
a.   Callout
b.   Comment
c.   Dialog
d.   Extension
Correct Answer: b

49. The drag and drop method of copying or moving
a.   Can be used between worksheets but not workbooks
b.   Can be used between workbooks but not worksheets
c.   Can be used between workbooks but not worksheets
d.   None
Correct Answer: c

50. 3-D reference in a formula
a.   Can not be modified
b.   Only appears on summary worksheets
c.   Limits the formatting options
d.   Spans worksheets
Correct Answer: d

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