How to make disable Text area in your Blog post

Guys,Today i am going to share how to disable particular text area or paragraph using simple html code in you blog post or webite. Earlier post we learn How to disable right click on Blogger image using widget But this post you can disable just some area.

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How to make disable Text area in your Blog post

1. Log in to blogger account and go to Design >Page Element.

2. Then Click Add Gadget and select 'HTML/Javascript'
and paste below code.and save it.

<textarea cols="50" rows="10" disabled="yes">TYPE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE</textarea>

3. Replace TYPE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE with your text.see the example below.
<textarea cols="50" rows="10" disabled="yes">Write Protected this line </textarea>

Note:change cols and rows as you like.To fetch any problem please comment below .Thank you.

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