Create Free Your Own Game Using Notepad

Guys,Today i going to share an intersting notepad Game. Now you must be having some knowledge about the Batch Programming after reading my previous post. Using some commands from the Batch Programming we can create some simple and amazing games of our own.
Some Commend and Details :

echoTo display a message on the screen
titleTo give a name to the title bar of the window
colorTo set the color of the background and the text
ping localhost -n 5 >nulTo delay the execution of the following command by 5 seconds [you can change the value]
setTo declare a variable
ifThe if command is used to determine what will happen if a certain event occurs. After the if statement (if [something]), a command follows.
clsTo clear the screen
gotoTo go to the label mentioned [goto Label] and execute the block under the label.
:LabelTo create a label. That is to provide a name/tag to a block of the program. [you can name it anything, even :a].
pauseTo pause the execution and ask the user to press any key to continue.

Deal Or No Deal Game:

Game Code
Download- Link1 Game Code - Click Here .... 
Download- Link2 Game Code - Click Here .... 
Download Code
Game Output:
Deal Or No Deal Game:

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