How to Chat Twitter Friends While Using Facebook Account

Twitter and Facebook both are most commonly used sites of Social Media.With the help of Facebook we can chat with our Friends. But if we have also an account of Twitter and want to chat with our Twitter friends without logging out from Facebook we can do this using Uni Messenger.So for availing this feature we have to download this particular App in our devices.
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Chat Twitter Friends Using Facebook Account:

  • Explore Uni Messenger from App Store or Google Play.
  • First of all we have to Download and install Uni Messenger in our devices.
  • Then we will Log in with our Facebook account. 
Twitter Friends

  • Now we will add our twitter account within Uni Messenger.
  • In next step we will make a click on our Twitter Profile picture. Our all friends will appear.
 Twitter Friends

  • When we will hit any friend of us a pane will appear having options of Add, Invite or Added. We will add our friends by clicking on Add or Invite button.
  •  We will also tell our friends to do the same thing.
 Twitter Friends

  • Here to start single or group chats, the only difference is how many friends we select in this phase
  • After selecting friends we will able to do chat with our Twitter friend
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