Email and eMail Stracture

What is Email?

e-Mail(Electronic Mail):
Electronic mail, most commonly referred to as email or e-mail.e-mail system is basically used for sending message electronically to individuals or group of individuals in an
inter or intra office environment.e-mails is consider to the first experience and espouse to the fields of data communication and networking.

Structure of an email:

An email message consists of these three basic distinct parts:
  • Header,
  • Message body, and
  • Signatures


The header, a set of lines containing information about the message's transportation, such as the sender's address, the recipient's address, or timestamps showing when the message was sent by intermediary servers to the transport agents, which act as a mail sorting office.
In an e-mail, the body (content text) is always preceded by header lines that identify particular routing information of the message, including the sender, recipient, date and subject. Some headers are mandatory, such as the FROM, TO and DATE headers. Others are optional, but very commonly used, such as SUBJECT and CC

Message body:

This is the main part that the recipient is interested in. A message can be any number of things or combination of:
  • Text,
  • Graphics,
  • Web page,
  • Animation,
  • Video or audio, or
  • Attachments


A signature appears at the end. A signature can be a graphic, web page, or just plain-text. An email client can be configured to automatically add an signature to each outgoing message.


The To:field contains the email address of the person to whom you are sending the e-mail.If you are sending e-mail to someone in your own domain,you do not need to include @ domain.


You can send the copy of the same e-mail to another person.For this you have to mention the e-mail address of the second  receipt.The software would take care that the same message is sent to the second recipient too.


It is the short form of Blind Carbon Copy,which gives you a way of copying and transmitting an e-Mail message to another person,without the first person(the main address),knowing about it


The Subject:field should contain a very short description(20 to 30 characters) of what your message is about.This field can be called subject of the Message:or simply message.It is not compulsory to  have a subject.


Using this option you can attach file created in other software along with the e-mail.In most of the cases while applying for a job,the letter is typed in the e-mail text and the bio-data which is mostly in some word processing mode ,attached to it.
Date and time are usually taken from the system.You need not type it.


The body of an e-Mail message is simply the text that you want to send to the other person.

e-Mail Stracture

Keyword ---------->    Meaning
To       ------------->    Recipient's address
Cc       ------------->   Address for carbon copy   
Bcc      ------------>    Address for carbon copy send any other people 
Subject ----------->    Topic of the message
Attachment------->    Any file attachment with this mail

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