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How to insert Table in blog post Without HTML Code

Today i am going to show or explain How to Insertions of table in blog post using blogger post editor is quite difficult, you need to know the HTML codes and then have to construct the table by arranging the tag manually in post editor. So it is difficult jobs for one who is not familiar with HTML codes or HTML Tag. However there are lots of easy ways to build up a table in blog post without actually using the HTML codes.
How To insert Table in a Blogpot blog post ?

  • First we will make the table on Microsoft word, 
  • After than convert the table to HTML codes and then finally insert it into blog post.

To create a table in Microsoft word
Step 1:-
  • First Go to Microsoft word
  • Go to Insert----Table----Insert Table
  • Give the number of Columns and Rows
  • Complete the table with whatever you want to write.
  • Select the table by clicking the following highlighted option, it will appear on mouse hover
  • Right click and then click Copy
To convert the table into HTML codes
Step 2:
  • Go to Tableizer then paste the table codes there in the Text field
  • You can customize Font size, Header color and Font style etc. there, the options are available bellow the text field.
Step 3: 

  • After setting up click on Tableize it. It will converts the table into HTML codes.
  • Now go to Blogger------New Post------HTML editor
  • There you will see a piece of codes like this
<div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on"><br /></div>
Step 4:

  • Paste Converted HTML codes right before <br/> tag
  • Now click on Preview and if it is likable then Publish.
Enjoy the Post !! Thank you ..

How to Create Table in Word ! Nice tricks

How to Create Table in Word

To create a table in Ms Word you can use this shortcut ! very easy and simple process.


>> Open MS Word 
>> Just type : +======+=====+====+===+==+=+

>> And simply hit 'Enter' !

>> You will see that the text changes to a table. Here, the number '=' represent the number of characters in each cell !

>> Just it makes your work easy and fast !

How to Insert stylish Table in Blog Post

On my previous post on how to make a table in a blog Post, I discussed how to make table of two or three column with a heading. In this post, I will discuss how to insert a table in a blog post.

Go to Blogger – Dashboard – New post. It opens to a page where you can write a new post. If you are writing a normal post, you usually go to compose and write your post there but this time click on Edit HTML link, instead of compose.

Insert the code of the table that you want on Edit HTML mode. In this example, I am going to use my previous two columns table that I made in my tutorial on how to make a table in a blog post ;  I click on Edit HTML and paste the following code there;

<table border=”1”>

< th> Blog Ideas and Tips </th>
< th> Blog Ideas </th>
< /tr>

< tr>
< td> Blogger ideas and tips </td>
< td> Blogger ideas</td>

< td>Blog Spot</td>
< td> Blogging</td>
< /tr>

< tr>
< td> Tips</td>
< td> Ideas</td>
< /tr>
< /table>

When I click back on compose link, there is already a table in the page which looks like this; 


How to Insert stylish Table in Blog Post

Click on Publish Post link and your table will be displayed on your blog post.

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