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Sample Joining Letter Format, Employment Joining Letter Format

Sample Joining Letter Format
Sr. Executive Vice President,
Human Resources Division,
AAA Bank,Head Office,


Dear Sir,
         I have honor to inform you that I am joining the bank from today as a Trainee Officer inrespect to your appointment letter dated 31 August, 2016, Ref no. AAA/HRD/LEO-012.

I kindly request you to accept my joining letter.


Sample Joining Letter Format

Simple Joining Letter 2 (Employment Joining Letter Format)

The general manger
Human Resources Department
AA BB Ltd.

Sub :- Joining letter
Dear Sir,
  As per the interview held on 05th Sept. 11. I have been selected for the post of accounts officer in your esteemed organization, thereafter I have been handed over the appointed letter and instructed to join my duties 16th September 2016.
Hence, I have come to repeat on duty for the same kindly pass on farther instruction to be completed and oblige.
                                Thanking you
                                 Your truly
                                  [Your Name]

Sample Joining Letter Format 3

The general manger
Human Resources Department
AA BB Ltd.

Subject: Joining /Acceptance Letter

Dear Mr./Mrs.
I am pleased to accept your offer and I have honor to inform you that I am joining the company from [JOINING DATE] as a/an [POSITION NAME] in respect to your appointment letter dated [APPOINTMENT LETTER ISSUE DATE], Ref no. [APPOINTMENT LETTER REFERENCE NO]. As we discussed, my starting salary will be [SALARY AMOUNT]. I understand and accept the conditions of employment that you explained in your appointment letter.

The position is ideally suited to my educational background and interests. I confidently feel that I can make a significant contribution to your company, and I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me. I humbly request you to accept my joining/acceptance letter.


Curriculum Vitae, Curriculum Vitae Format, Jobs Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Career Objective: To curve out a special place in the field of Computer that help me to attain greater of my career.

Personal Profile:

Name                                         :                       Your Name
Father’s Name                          :                       Your Father Name
Date of Birth                             :                       Your Date of  Birth
Complexion                               :                       ---------
Height                                        :                       ---------
Look                                          :                       ---------
Qualification                              :                       ---------
Profesion                                   :                       ---------
Gross Emoluments                    :                      

Educational Qualification:

Ø      Passed High School (Science) from U.P. Board in the year 2002.
Ø      Passed Intermediate (Science PCM Group) from U.P. Board in the year 2004.
Ø      Pursuing BCA from UPRTOU 2005 to 2008 Allahabad.

Professional Qualification:

Ø      ‘O’ Level from DOEACC
Ø      Vedio Audio Mixing and Editing by Computer.
Ø      15 Month Computer Course including.
o       MS Office
o       Visual Basic
o       C, C++
o       Java, HTML
o       MS-Access
Computer Hardware Card Level


Ø      One year Computer Teacher Experience from Schematic India Institute Rajrooppur Allahabad.
Ø      Till now Computer Teacher AIKAWA International Education.


            I, the undersigned certify that to the best of best of knowledge and belief, The Resume correctly describes my qualification and my self.  ‘

Place:                                                                                                               (Your Name)

Your Name                                                         Tel: +………………………         
Your Email Address

CAREER GOAL: Seeking assignments in Business Development preferably in the Investment/Insurance/ Finance sector.

r       Over 7 years of experience in Sales, & in the Insurance sector. Currently working with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance as  Sales Manager.
r       A proactive leader and planner with expertise in, market plan execution account management, competitor and market analysis and targeted marketing.
r       Streamlining workflow and creating a team work environment to enhance productivity innovatively.
r       Conducting training programme to enhance the knowledge of products and selling skills and how to grow within the organizations by the compilations of different goal sheets.
r       An excellent communicator with recognized abilities in networking with clients for delivering the best financial solution.


Business Development
§          Cultivating relationships with the Advisors for promoting financial solutions & Products & with HNI clients.
§          Reviewing & interpreting the impact of business environment and attuning strategies accordingly; with focus on retaining the existing clients & developing new ones.
§          Managing brand awareness/advertisement in the branch area to increase top of the mind recall.

Team Management

§          Training & building team to manage various facets of business compliances.
§          Providing direction, motivation & training to the Advisor’s team for ensuring optimum performance.
§          Recruiting, mentoring & training personnel to deliver quality services in market.


(1) Since Sep 06 working with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance co. ltd as Sales Manager


·          Sales and Distribution of Insurance product for Bajaj Allianz.
·          Recruitment of Insurance Consultant.
·          Motivating IC to achieve targets.
·          Time to time giving them training on new products and updating market scenario.
·          Working with them in order to make them learn, to sell and handle customer.
·          Making all IC active every month with increase in case counts and value of business.
·          Achievement of target as provided by the company.
·          Meeting the guidelines of company and the goals as provided.
·          Handling the various queries of investment and finance.
·          Ensuring Target achievement by co-coordinating the team.


·          Strongly contributed to make Phulpur,Allahabad, a Satalite location, No. 1 Satalite in NORTH.
·          Received a mail of appreciation,  from the Zonal Sales Head for remarkable business performance.
·          Won every contest since Joined the group.
·          Produced Silver Club Member from Phulpur,Allahabad for Bajaj Allianz.
·          Maintained a highly motivated team of colleagues and juniors.

(2) From Dec 2002 to Sep 2006 worked with Thorn Electronics Pvt. Ltd,New Delhi

 as Sales Engineer. The company was in to the business of Car Security systems.

My job responsibility was   identifying, creating and establishing distributor-dealers network in  Uttar Pradesh,  generating sales to achieve the targets given by company.

Represented company in various trade shows like Auto Carnival 2002, Allahabad.

§          BE(E&C) From Dr.B.R.Ambedkar University,Agra in 2002.
§          Diploma in Electronics from Lucknow Poly. Lucknow in 1998.


Address                         :           Your Address
Date of Birth                  :           Your Date of Birth
Interests                       :           -------------------

Simple Biodata Format , Jobs Biodata, Curriculum Vitae Formate

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Profile:
Name                                          :                       Your Name
Father’s Name                            :                       Your Father Name
Date of Birth                                :                       Your Date of  Birth
Permanent Address                     :                       Your Address
Martial Status                              :                       ---------
Religion                                       :                       ---------
Nationality                                   :                       ---------
Hobbies                                      :                       ---------
Communication Language            :                       --------
Contact No.                                :                       Example:- 0123456789

Educational Qualification:
Ø      Passed High School (Art) from U.P. Board in the year 2004.
Ø      Passed Intermediate (Art) from U.P. Board in the year 2006.
Ø      Appearing B.A. from Kanpur University.

Ø      Two year experience in Marketing.

            I, the undersigned certify that to the best of best of knowledge and belief, The Resume correctly describes my qualification and my self.

Place:                                                                                                               (Your Name)

Simple Biodata Format

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